Private Label Sales Agreement

To protect their reputation and identity, the following brands may only be sold with embellishment.*

• Nike
• OGIO & OGIO Endurance

Online sales of the above mentioned brands may be made only available from your own website or another eligible, authorised customer website. Sales on or through eBay, Amazon, Catch or any other direct-to-consumer, third party site are prohibited.

The exportation of Nike, OGIO and OGIO Endurance products outside of Australia & New Zealand is prohibited.

This sales policy is not a contract, nor an offer to form a contract. Entity Brands is not asking for and will not accept any agreement affirming your compliance with this policy. This policy simply describes the circumstances under which Entity Brands may, in its sole discretion, choose to continue selling Branded and Private Label products to you.

Additional Terms

Nike reserves the right to prohibit the addition to any Nike garment of any trademark name, design or logo of an organisation, business, school or team (or for an individual or other entity) that does not meet certain standards. Please contact your account manager with any questions. The decoration of any Nike garment with the proprietary mark, name or logo of any professional athletic organisation or collegiate institution without the prior written authorisation of both the owner of such mark, name or logo and Nike is
expressly prohibited..